Editorial Policy

DialTelangana.com is a complete online stage associating and supporting India’s extending business enterprise biological system. The website unites content on India’s organizations, new businesses, financial specialists, occasions, occupations, classes, sites, recordings, workspaces, quickening agents, hatcheries, assets, and associations. For questions identifying with the current substance or specialized issues on the site: EditorialStaff@DialTelangana.com

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DialTelangana.com’s central goal is to make it as simple as feasible for perusers to discover what’s going on in India’s tech scene and worldwide startup and innovation environment. All substance recorded on DialTelangana.com is sourced without installment to content accomplices and DialTelangana.com takes no monetary installments from our substance accomplices for creating traffic.


DialTelangana.com offers news and data about explicit businesses, innovations, and applications. This substance incorporates news, include articles, conversation discussions, how-to guides, exceptional reports, contextual investigations, web journals, recordings, online classes, and data provided by perusers.

Our plan of action depends on income from promoters and supporters. These organizations promote items and administrations through flags, retail facades, item postings and other advertising vehicles. They additionally support explicit bits or highlights of the locales.

Our article objective is to illuminate perusers regarding significant news and data. We additionally give a discussion to the progression of industry causes. We are goal, reasonable and legitimate in our industry inclusion. Our central goal is to offer data and thoughts that intrigue and illuminate perusers. We utilize an assortment of assets to accumulate and investigate the ventures we spread. We energize the individuals who publicize on our destinations to furnish us with data to be utilized in news, yet any incorporation of substance on this site is dictated by its publication esteem, exclusively as controlled by the article staff.

  • Our article order is to illuminate our crowd regarding news, data, and assets applicable to our picked ventures. We endeavor to be a fair-minded source in that we distribute just data that we accept to be pertinent and significant. Our chief objective in announcing news is to be exact, honest, adjusted, and reasonable for all gatherings.
  • We welcome and worth all peruser input and analysis.
  • DialTelangana.com empowers perusers and industry heads to contribute segments, critiques, and websites. Rules for these segments are that they center around subjects important to our readership; that they don’t fill in as a clearly special device for an organization or item; that they are not malignant as well as offensive; and that they are honest.
  • We are not liable for the exactness of the substance or different assets gave by outside gatherings. Connections are checked for precision at the hour of distribution, yet we perceive that the Internet is a changing medium and these connections may get invalid or change.
  • When a news thing is distributed, we endeavor to contact people included or cited in the story following it shows up on the site. In the event that those people bring up a blunder of truth, we will quickly address the mistake. We don’t, as an issue of strategy, change direct statements or roll out different improvements to exact duplicate once distributed, except if, in our judgment, the change serves to improve the story.
  • We will precisely name different sorts of substance. Content that is given by an industry source will be marked to recognize it from unique and selective substance created and composed by DialTelangana.com editors and consultants.
  • Redresses strategy: We endeavor to fulfill the most noteworthy guidelines for exactness and culmination. It is our approach to quickly address any verifiable mistake when we become mindful of it and can check it.
  • Feelings communicated by bloggers are those of our esteemed benefactors. We don’t really impart or embrace those insights.
  • Authentic blunders ought to be accounted for to our publication office, distinguishing the story and subtleties of the mistake. We will promptly research any case of mistake. Data for reaching our Copyright Agent is accessible on the site Terms of Use.

Article Liability

The manager of DialTelangana.com keeps up publication autonomy in everyday article choices. The proofreader likewise keeps up article autonomy for any of the perspectives, remarks, and assessments of others distributed in DialTelangana.com.

Investment by pertinent and intrigued government offices and organizations, administrative and guidelines bodies, state-claimed endeavors, establishments, industry affiliations, colleges, specialists, perusers, industry pioneers and specialists, as specialized articles and other publication entries, will be proactively empowered.

Where an accommodation is dubious, DialTelangana.com will put forth sensible attempts to guarantee that applicable different perspectives are requested and reasonably introduced, and that privilege of answer is given. Distribution of articles, sees, remarks, conclusions, and examinations will not rely upon a specific perspective or perspective of the proofreader.

Caution is vested in the supervisor to abbreviate an article for space and different reasons, and, if proper, this is regularly done related to the writer.

Also, the carefulness is vested in the proofreader in choosing whether or not to distribute an article, publication accommodation, or letter. Such a choice will not be founded on a specific perspective or perspective of the supervisor. In any case, a choice not to distribute a publication accommodation might be on the grounds that the proofreader believes it to be wrong to the intended interest group, exploitative, intentionally and perniciously deceptive, having an ill-advised concealed plan, or on the grounds that the supervisor thinks about that DialTelangana.com is being utilized for ill-advised purposes. DialTelangana.com will likewise not distribute name-calling assaults focusing on people.

Content Partners

DialTelangana.com doesn’t take installment for any referrals or lead age. The article group works with many substance accomplices to make a far reaching information base for India’s startup and innovation biological system. These associations depend on the common advantage to the two players by distributing content on the site and producing important perceivability and traffic for our substance accomplices.

Content Submissions

The DialTelangana.com consistently gets content accommodation demands from scholars, bloggers, PR offices, and so on wishing to submit content for distribution. While the article group is consistently glad to be informed about the possibly intriguing substance we don’t pay for substance to be made, nor do we ensure any submitted substance will be distributed on the site.


Refreshed stories are added to the site day by day. It is the publication objective of the DialTelangana.com (CION) to be as comprehensive and extensive as could be expected under the circumstances. Our editors work with altered publication programming and through day by day commitment with content, accomplices to ensure highlighted content mirrors the expansiveness and assorted variety of key newsworthy occasions occurring in the Global Tech environment.

Now and again DialTelangana.com may distribute unique substance as unique announcing and meetings however it is the approach of the site to not writer unique articles. This arrangement is with regards to the site mission of intensifying the work being finished by numerous definitive sources over the city.

A few instances of substance we highlight consistently are articles centered around new adjusts of gathering pledges, item includes, startup culture, urban tech and matters identified with India’s tech biological system.

On the off chance that you need to suggest a news story you feel would be pertinent you can email your recommendation to our supervisor at EditorialStaff@DialTelangana.com


DialTelangana.com distributes a month to month bulletin that brings key included things from over the tech biological system to our perusers’ inboxes. The article strategy of the pamphlet follows similar rules as sketched out in this record.